nx2013-06 – CC Experimental Electronic Music Compilation. (Compiled by: Miquel Parera Jaques)













nx2013-06_01:: [0kbps034] Etere – 02.Etere-LW-00162-2311 (Max Scordamaglia)
Info:: http://archive.org/details/0kbps034

nx2013-06_02:: [uzu] Live In C’est La Vie – 02.Part II (Antony Maubert)
Info:: http://www.uzusounds.com/wp/?page_id=123

nx2013-06_03:: [txr] Alternate Dimensions – 04.Voronoi Diagrams (François D’Eybastens)
Info:: http://textural-rec.com/alternate-dimensions

nx2013-06_04:: [at064] I.r.real Space Music – 04.Senal Wow (Javier Pinango)
Info:: http://www.audiotalaia.net/catalogue/at064-Javier-Pinango

nx2013-06_05:: [uzu] Live In C’est La Vie – 01.Part I (Antony Maubert)
Info:: http://www.uzusounds.com/wp/?page_id=123

nx2013-06_06:: [amp131] Konzequensyas – 01.KzI (Luis Ortega)
Info:: http://amp-recs.com/amp/amp131.html

nx2013-06_07:: [deriv003] Fake Beats – 05.Beat 5 (A Small Glass Ghost)
Info:: http://www.deriv.cc/works/?p=245

nx2013-06_08:: [ink] Speaker Performing Kiosk Live Sessions Vol. 1 – 06.The MNAV Sessions (Nicolas Varchausky)
Info:: http://inkilinorecords.bandcamp.com/album/speaker-performing-kiosk-live-sessions-vol-1

nx2013-06_09:: [cwk0022] 70.Signals (Ãystein Jørgensen)
Info:: http://www.classwarkaraoke.com/category/0022/

nx2013-06_10:: [deriv003] Fake Beats – 08.Beat 8 (A Small Glass Ghost)
Info:: http://www.deriv.cc/works/?p=245

nx2013-06_11:: [cwk0022] – 05.Nr.12 (Paral-lel)
Info:: http://www.classwarkaraoke.com/category/0022/

nx2013-06_12:: [wh263] Various Experiments – 12.Coup de Soleil (C.P. McDill)
Info:: http://webbedhandrecords.com/wh263-c-p-mcdill-various-experiments/


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