Valerio Orlandini – “Stag Film”

Last night on TV
I saw you in a girl
It was from a stag film
and her look was so sad
that reminded of me.

Last night on TV
I saw you in a girl
but then she disappeared
and left on the screen
an unsolicited orgasm.

Sleep Column – Wall Rack

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Artist: Sleep Column (Kemerovo, Russia)
Title: Wall Rack
Genre: HNW
Format: MP3 (320 kbps)

HNW project from Siberia, is the brainchild project Autodestruction.
“Sleep” – a human condition “column” – association with statics, immobility.


Team Spector – Wall Of Murder



Oxykitten – 0 For Everything

Oxykitten’s “0 For Everything” from the album “The Streets Were Paved With Circuit Boards.”



Wehwalt Trio – Physionomie fragmentée



“Physionomie fragmentée” is like a sounds reminiscence since the Wehwalt’s childhood, mixed with childhood omnipresent in his life, that forms and urges this sound material. The first element of this album is the voice, that of grimacing and onomatopoeic childhood. Idioms bounce and collide. Traits emerge gradually and reveal their bitter cavities, the eyeballs pour their tears. Suddenly the head turns and then starts the decline…

Netlabel :


Thysanura / Palmer – Pressure

A fusion of Power Electronics, Noise and Free Jazz, exploring the pressure of the everyday. Disappointments, fake smiles, “good and bad” events, and at the end, the day after is round the corner, there’s no escape.

Dry Greed – Injuries

The Filthy Hammers – They Breed.

Amanda – Night Birds

Thysanura – DSH

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